Complete Pool Closing

Complete Pool Closing

Aquadam Pool Services Oakville

Aquadam Pool Services will begin by lowering the water level to the appropriate level.

We will then winterize your underground lines by vacating them with a high powered blower to prevent the risk of freezing damage.

Your deck equipment including ladders, return fittings and light are removed and prepared for winter storage.

All circulation equipment components including your pump, filter, heater and chemical delivery system are drained and winterized properly.

Your selected chemical package is then added to the water.

Finally, any waterbags will be filled, deck anchors raised or track prepared prior to properly installing your winter cover.

Pool Closing Services
Lower Water LevelIncluded
Remove Return FittingsIncluded
Remove Ladders and RailsIncluded
Winterize LightsIncluded
Blow Out U/G LinesIncluded
Install Winterizing PlugsIncluded
Winterize SkimmerIncluded
Close Spill Over Spa+ $99.95
Close Waterfall / Water Feature+ $39.95
Winterize PumpIncluded
Winterize FilterIncluded
Winterize HeaterIncluded
Winterize ChlorinatorIncluded
Winterize Salt SystemIncluded
Add Standard Shock TreatmentAvailable Option
Fill WaterbagsIncluded
Install Winter CoverIncluded
Install Leaf Net+ $29.95
Closing VacuumNot Included

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prior to our arrival, please ensure...

  • our Service Technicians will have unobstructed access your backyard.
  • Winter Covers and Plugs removed in the Spring are made available for re-installation.
  • We will require use of exterior water faucets. Please do not winterize your faucets prior to your pool closing.
  • Use of a functioning exterior electrical outlet to complete your pool closing.
  • That if your pool is equipped with a sump well that you start pumping them down days prior to our arrival.

please remember...

  • A vacuum of the pool is not included with our standard pool closings. We strongly recommend minimizing bottom debris prior to your scheduled closing date. Closing your pool clean will result in less work next spring while increasing the effectiveness of winterizing chemicals.

winterizing plugs and accessories...

  • In certain instances, Aquadam Pool Services may need to replace damaged or worn winterizing plugs or accessories. Additional charges may apply.

addtional requirements...

  • Spill-Over Spas are subject to an additional fee of $99.95.
  • Waterfalls are subject to an additional fee of $39.95.
  • Deck Jets are subject to an additional fee of $29.95.
  • Leaf Nets are subject to an installation fee of $29.95. ​

all prices subject to applicable taxes (HST)

We currently offer Closing Services Monday through Friday during the closing season.


Aquadam Pool Services will make every effort to accomodate your requested date for service but at this time cannot guarantee selected dates through online reservation.


We recommend adding an "additional date" for service when booking your Closing Services to increase success.


All scheduled service bookings are completed on a first come, first serve basis.


Following the submission of your form, including payment, a representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your reserved date for service.


Once confirmed by a representative your date for service will not change.


We strongly recommend that if you have a specific date request for your closing service that you do not delay in submitting your form.


Please note that payment is required at the time of booking to complete the reservation.


Alternatively, you may contact us at 905-633-7263 and we would be pleased to speak with you in person and reserve your Closing Services today.

  • $399.95

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