Equipment Start-Up

Equipment Start-Up

Aquadam Pool Services Oakville

Prior to our arrival, you will have completely removed your winter cover and filled the pool to the normal operating level.

Aquadam Pool Services will then remove any winterizing plugs and reinstall return fittings.

Deck equipment including your lights, ladders and rails are then reinstalled.

Your Pump, Filter and Heater are refitted with the plugs provided and inspected prior to testing.

Pool Opening Services
Remove Water & Debris from CoverNot Included
Bag Debris and Place CurbsideNot Included
Remove Winter CoverNot Included
Remove Leaf NetNot Included
Pressure Wash CoverNot Included
Roll Cover for StorageNot Included
Remove Winterizing PlugsIncluded
Reinstall Wall ReturnsIncluded
Reinstall Step/Bench ReturnsIncluded
Reinstall Ladders and RailsIncluded
Reinstall LightsIncluded
Oil Safety Cover AnchorsNot Included
Thread in Safety Cover AnchorsNot Included
Pressure Wash Deck SurroundNot Included
Reinstall Pump PlugsIncluded
Reinstall Filter PlugsIncluded
Reinstall Heater PlugsIncluded
Heater Clean and StartAvailable as an Additional Service
Light and Start Millivolt HeaterAvailable as an Additional Service
Start and Test EquipmentIncluded
Leave Equipment RunningIncluded
Brush Floor and WallsAvailable as an Additional Service
Open Spill Over SpaAvailable as an Additional Service
Open Waterfall / Water FeatureAvailable as an Additional Service
Initial VacuumAvailable as an Additional Service
Water Sample and AnalysisAvailable as an Additional Service
Add Standard Shock TreatmentNot Included
Fill Pool to Operating LevelHomeOwner Requirement

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We currently offer Opening Services Monday through Friday during the opening season.


Aquadam Pool Services will make every effort to accomodate your requested date for service but at this time cannot guarantee selected dates through online reservation.


We recommend adding an "alternative date" for service when booking your Opening Services to increase success.


All scheduled service bookings are completed on a first come, first serve basis.


Following the submission of your form, including payment, a representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your reserved date for service.


Once confirmed by a representative, your date for service will not change. *some conditions may apply


Please note that payment is required at the time of booking in order to secure your reservation.


Alternatively, you may contact us at 905-633-7263 and we would be pleased to speak with you in person and reserve your Opening Services today.


Salt water pools in most cases, will require the addition of a small amount of salt each spring.


As well, there are minimum water temperature requirements for the units to function effectively.


For these reasons, your salt system will not be turned on at the time of your pool opening.


If you have any questions regarding your heater or salt system please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-633-7263.


Although all heater drain plugs are reinstalled with any of our opening services,


TSSA regulations require that the lighting of Millivolt pool heaters with a Standing Pilot be completed by a licensed gas technician.


These regulations do not impact customers with Electronic Ignition Heaters.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-633-7263.


If required, we can contract the services of a professional to inspect, clean, and light your heater.


We currently contract all Heater Services to licensed local HVAC contractors Paradigm Venture

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