Hayward AquaPod® Remote Control

Hayward AquaPod® Remote Control

Installation Lead Time Estimate

4-14 days

Your entire backyard at your Fingertips.

requires Wireless Remote Antenna - AQL2-BASE-RF

Aquadam Pool Services provides installation services for all the products we sell.


We strive to ensure all installations are completed per manufacturer specifications and include all the parts and services required.


Included are the installation of check valves, sacrificial anodes and equipment bonding wire where applicable.  We include all Water Connections, Electrical Connections and Gas Connection Services (subcontracted to Paradigm Venture Heating and Cooling)  and all the required plumbing parts with our pricing. *some conditions may apply


*Installation pricing is based upon the replacement of existing equipment of similar specifications, size and function. Additional charges may apply if additional parts and labour are required to upgrade services or to conform to local codes. 

(Ex. Upgrading Electrical Services or Gas Supply Services)


For additional product information please visit Hayward Pool Products website. 

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  • $649.95
  • $499.95

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Available on all Pool Equipment

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