Vacation Maintenance

Vacation Maintenance

Aquadam Pool Services Oakville

Spend more time enjoying your vacation and rest assured things are being looked after.

We are pleased to offer the following service to help protect your investment while you are away.

  • A complete vacuum and surface skim is performed on your pool using our equipment.
  • All skimmer and pump baskets are emptied and cleared of debris.
  • Your filter is then backwashed to ensure efficient pool operation.
  • A water test and analysis will ensure that your water chemistry is balanced at the optimal level. Any required adjustments are completed by the addition of balancing chemicals.
  • Your daily sanitizer levels are checked and the supply replenished for the duration. A super chlorination treatment is then applied to the water.
  • A detailed Service Report outlining our results is provided with each visit.

Prices listed are based upon a single, one hour visit. If your vacation spans multiple weeks, please ensure to add the appropriate number of visits to your cart. We will schedule the number of visits purchased to correspond accordingly with the travel dates you have provided.

*some conditions may apply

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Regarding your Water Level while away...


Although your water level will be topped up by our Maintenance Technicians at the time of each visit, the potential volume of make-up water added in one hour is limited.


In advance of your departure, we strongly recommend raising your pools water level up to 1/4" below the top of the skimmer.


Depending on the duration of your vacation and the rate at which water loss occurs in your pool, we might suggest contacting a neigbour, family or friend to check in on the level occasionlly.


Aquadam Pool Services cannot be held responsible for any potential damage as a result of inadequate levels of water in the pool while you are away.



Please ensure that our Service Technicians will have access to your backyard, pool equipment and chemicals in advance of your departure.


We are able to handle special requests if required.  Please include any particular details at the time of checkout or by calling us at 905.633.7263.

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