Water Test & Analysis

Water Test & Analysis

Aquadam Pool Services Oakville

We encourage you to have your water tested regularly and make the required adjustments to prevent the harmful effects of unbalanced water.

The management of factors such as pH, total alkalinity, calcium harness and water temperature will provide a more enjoyable swimming experience while preventing costly repairs due to corrosion or scaling.

It is often reported that "there can't be a problem... my water is clear." An extremely low pH will result in VERY clear water. However, that same pool water can also corrode through the heat exchanger of a brand new heater in under 30 days!

Aquadam Pool Services will collect a sample of your water at the time of opening, test and provide your with a detailed report of the adjustments required.

Discounted Rates apply when included as part of your Opening Service with Aquadam Pool Services

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when included with an Opening Service

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