Pool Openings

Pool Openings

Aquadam Pools offers the following Pool Opening Services to help start your season off right. Book your service today and let our skilled technicians setup your pool for the season.

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Complete Pool Opening

Aquadam Pool Services will remove the water and winter time debris from your winter cover, bag and place curbside. Your winter cover is then carefully removed. The cover and waterbags are then pressure washed and rolled for storage. All the winter..


Partial Pool Opening

Prior to our arrival, you will have completely removed all the water & debris from the cover. In the case of a pool with a Safety Cover, this step has already been completed and no work is required on your part. We will then remove your winter ..


Equipment Start-Up

Prior to our arrival, you will have completely removed your winter cover and filled the pool to the normal operating level. Aquadam Pool Services will then remove any winterizing plugs and reinstall return fittings. Deck equipment including your li..


Initial Vacuum

Aquadam Pool Services will perform an initial vacuum of your pool following the completion of your opening and once your water has cleared. Using leaf nets, our service technicians will remove any large debris from the pool bottom by hand. A thorou..