Service Calls

Service Calls

Aquadam Pool Services offers professional solutions for all your service needs.

Additional services include pump motor replacements, mechanical seal replacements, chlorinator installations, plumbing repairs, filter head replacements, pool inspections and more.

We provide support services for all brands of equipment. Whether your equipment needs replacing or repair, we will work with you to provide a solution.

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Salt Cell Cleaning

Salt Cells require periodic inspection for debris and scale build-up. If scaling is present, schedule an appointment with us to have your cell professionally and safely cleaned. Aquadam Pool Services will remove your salt cell and clean using a dil..


Water Test & Analysis

We encourage you to have your water tested regularly and make the required adjustments to prevent the harmful effects of unbalanced water. The management of factors such as pH, total alkalinity, calcium harness and water temperature will provide a m..


Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Cartridge Filter Elements require periodic inspection and cleaning to ensure proper filtration.Aquadam Pool Services will remove your cartridge elements from the filter, clean, rinse, reassemble and test.*some conditions may applyWithin 24 hours of C..


Obstructed Line Service

Vacuumed up a little more debris than your system could handle? Aquadam Pool Services will clear your clogged suction line by using our High Powered Blower to force air back through your lines at a high rate.  We will also ensure that your pump..


Ground Water Removal

Has ground water collected behind your Liner? Aquadam Pool Services will pump out the Water from behind your liner. *some conditions may applyWithin 24 hours of Check Out you will receive contact regarding your date for service. Unsure if this..


Liner Pull and Reset

Has your vinyl liner pulled out of the Coping Track that holds it in place? Aquadam Pool Services will carefully reset your liner back into the coping track and install a strip of Liner Lock if required. Rates are based upon resetting a total lengt..


Liner Leak Detection

Is your pool losing water at the same rate with the Pump On as it is with the Pump Off? Is your vacuum head constantly sticking to the bottom? These symptoms could indicate your have a leak in your liner. Aquadam Pool Services will arrange for a c..


U/G Leak Detection

Is your pool losing more water with the Pump On then when it is Off? This symptom could indicate you have a leak in your underground return lines. Your return lines will be pressure tested and through the use of sonic leak detection equipment, the ..

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New Pool Owner Orientations

Have you just bought a home with your first backyard pool? Aquadam Pool Services would be pleased to introduce you to the basics of operation including but not limited to equipment, maintenance, chemicals and water chemistry. Allow us to assist you..